Why your sales process fails you

If you’re like many business owners, your sales process is failing. Making constant sales is what stands between you and building a business that creates the freedom you deserve.

A business that allows you to enjoy first class flights and tropical beach destinations at will.

The problem is, there are some little-known factors that determine 80% of your sales results.

If you’ve been working 80 hours a week and not making the sales you want, then this blog post will be the most important you read all year.
It’s frustrating when you see people with 10% of the skill level you have getting 10 times better results.

It almost seems unfair.

So what’s the difference between success and failure in sales?

Most people try to learn sales through reading books and “grinding it out”.  Sometimes they hire a hyped up sales trainer with a magic script.

They try harder…  Work more hours…  Anything to help them get to the next level in business.
Nothing works.

They start feeling like they’re not good enough to do this.  Yet they are unwilling to abandon their dreams.

Truth is, there are 3 shifts that make 80% of the difference in sales.

I’ve observed my sales team and countless others make these shifts in 54 countries across the world.

These 3 shifts change the game and allow you to live a comfortable life…  The reason why you got into business for yourself in the first place.

  1.  From confusion to clarity

Maybe you’re sitting here right now confused on how to make your next sale.

You’re getting excited because you’re going to finally be clear on how to get to the next level.

What’s attracting that excitement?


See, the mind is attracted to clarity.  You recognize your struggle in the beginning of the article (that’s why you’re still reading).

When the mind gets clarity, it creates a focal point to create the result it desires.

The result comes from the clarity of the picture.
See that picture of finally being on the beach vacation and getting to relax?

Yes, I can help you create it.

The key is, you must transfer clarity to your prospects.

Once you can create clarity, you are on to the next point:

  1. From questioning to certainty

Do you feel confident for days or weeks at a time…  Until some event happens that spirals you out of control?

The loss of control brings up the deep desire of not being good enough.  You lose confidence in yourself that things will work.

You’ve already tried many of the ways people recommend to grow your business.

You’re questioning.  You have to cross the gap into certainty if you want the freedom you deserve.

You have to make a decision to do so.

A decision that staying where you are is not OK.

This is a huge change.  Your “WHY” for finding certainty is needed to propel you.  You have to be highly committed to make the change.

Going through this gap can take a long time unless you have expert mentoring.

When you can acknowledge the gap between questioning to certainty, it becomes much easier to close.

Which leads us to the last key shift to make in sales.

  1. From temporary motivation to consistency

It’s really easy to read a book, get motivated for a few weeks and get some results.

It’s rare that those results stick and make a big difference in someone’s life.

Consistency has everything to do with clarity and certainty on a daily basis.

Without it income will be up and down.

It’s hard to gain confidence and freedom without the consistency.

You have to create consistency through your business.

If you have a team, you have to transfer clarity and certainty to them.

You need a system that gives you feedback on the level of clarity and certainty you have.
See, most prospects feel the lack of clarity and certainty you have.  It gets transferred to them through your actions.

(many research studies have been done on this).

You must pass clarity and certainty to your prospect.  Otherwise, you’ll continue to struggle and watch others around you who are less talented reach their dreams.

If you’d like to learn more on how to make these 3 shifts in your business to create more sales and live the life you deserve, then click here to learn more.

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