How to create simplicity in your marketing

True story –

I love helping entrepreneurs.  But my clients were fed-up with reading all of the information to grow their business without knowing exactly what to do to get results.

So I created clarity to closing clients so that entrepreneurs would have a proven roadmap to create time and money freedom in their business.

Creating simplicity comes down to 3 key points:

1.      Making an offer no one else would make
2.      Articulate how the offer solves the 3 main things humans are hardwired for
3.      Develop a sales framework that allows you to repeat results and grow

Growing a business is really that simple.

To clarify what this means, I’ll walk you through how we came up with our Clarity To Closing Clients process:

1.     A bullet-proof offer:

We all know there are a million people online these days.  New experts are popping up everywhere telling you how they’ve taken businesses to 10 million from scratch.

Also, we’ve heard a ton about unique mechanisms, etc (those do work, BTW).

So, we did something we knew NO ONE would do:  Take away much of the risk

When I wrote the offer, it made my stomach cringe.

I knew I was on the right track.

This is an incredibly strong offer on our part:

Here’s why:

1.     We charge businesses $15,000+ as a done for you service.
2.     It’s allowing someone to build a business for a 6K investment which is NOTHING for a serious business owner.
3.     It takes away the risk for our client (more on this in section 2).
The reason why no one would make this offer is sales and marketing is HARD.

Unless you are a MASTER, you’re going to get bit a lot with this kind of offer.

Also, you have the risk you might have to work for free after 90 days.

I was up for the challenge.  Our current numbers are 82% of people ROI after 90 days.

We’ve never had someone go past 6 months without ROI.

Now, those are INCREDIBLE results.  It also keeps our team focused on getting the 82% ROI after 90 days up to 100%.

So our offer is we help people develop a front-end sales acquisition process in 90 days or less that is GUARANTEED to ROI.

To carry this offer forward, we’re on to point 2:

2.  Articulate how the offer solves the 3 main things humans are hardwired for.

I’m going to share with you a secret about people that will make your marketing 10X more effective:
Human beings are hardwired to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy.
Your message needs to be centered around helping people do this.

For our offer, one of the #1 things our clients want is to AVOID the pain of failing.  Knowing 80%+ businesses fail, that “AVOID” is a big thing.

So, by taking out the risk we hit on one of the major fears.

Now, we hit on the #1 of seeking pleasure:

Who doesn’t want to build a business that allows time/money freedom?

I know if people go through the Clarity to Closing Clients Framework they are in a position to build that business.

In fact, it is the process we use to see if businesses are a good fit to crack 100K+ a month.

Now, we also hit on point #3.

Having a system and time/money freedom implies conserving energy.

Humans may love this more than anything.

It’s a great example why people buy lead generation services like crazy.

Now that we’ve touched on all 3 hardwired human desires, we move on to step 3.

3. Develop a sales framework that allows you to repeat results and grow.

Ultimately, a 100K a month business is just a sales framework that has been repeated multiple times.

If you can walk away with a system that you can leverage, it changes the game.

Where people get stuck is they don’t develop an entire system.

They develop pieces of the system.

Though they don’t have the expertise to see what’s missing.

The biggest challenge as well is there are MULTIPLE ways to make this happen

And you need to know what way works for each SPECIFIC entrepreneur.

(That’s part of the magic of working in 54 countries across the globe, you get a quick idea of what works and what doesn’t).

I don’t have enough time to go into all of the frameworks here, though I think you get the picture.

Packaging all of this up together is the fastest, most effective way I’ve ever found to get results.

It’s helped me create 5 businesses over 2 million dollars and we’ve helped 30 businesses break over 100K a month with the process.

I hope you enjoyed the information.