3 ways to create more clients in the noisy new economy

Struggling to ignite your sales growth in today’s economy?

You’re not alone.

In the digital age there has never been more distractions.

There’s plenty of “gurus” who promise to solve your problems, though we’re finding out the Emperor has no clothes.

(I realized some people might not be familiar with the saying the emperor has no clothes: here’s the story: An emperor who pays a lot of money for some new magic clothes which can only be seen by wise people. The clothes do not really exist, but the emperor does not admit he cannot see them, because he does not want to seem stupid).

Every day I have people come to me that say “I’m on Instagram, posting 12 times a day on twitter, updating my Facebook status and writing an article a day for LinkedIn.

Yet none of it is working.

Why? They’re doing nothing to win over clients.

There isn’t a clear purpose behind everything they do.

Here’s the truth: if you don’t get the sales process right, you’re forced to lower your fees, stress about money and live life based on someone else’s terms.

We’ve all seen this: Where fear and the dog eat dog world comes out.

There’s a better way.

Problem is, the better way requires you to transform your thinking around sales.

Here are 2 laws and 1 strategy that will help you sell better in the new economy.

  1. Law of Clarity:

    The Law of clarity means that you’re 100% focused on what you are doing.In the sales world, it’s a little bit different. It’s creating 100% clarity on what you can help your prospect with.

    In other terms, it’s having a clear, concise offer. At least 60% of issues with sales and marketing come from lack of clarity in the offer.

    Without clarity, the sales cycle will be long and it’s difficult for companies to grow fast enough.

    The other problem is consumer attention spans are at an all-time low.

    If you don’t provide clarity early on, sales will absolutely suffer.

  2. The Law of Certainty.

    The core of all sales is creating bonds, building trust, creating belief. Combining this with the law of contribution will help you win in any market.

    Where almost everyone (including your competition) go wrong is they try to force trust and belief on people.

    If you look at past history and science, you’ll see why this doesn’t work well.

    You might think that telling people how good you are, posting all your success stories, and pushing people to buy will work.

    Problem is, that rarely works. And when it does it’s usually the wrong prospects.

    Think about this: What happens when you tell a teenager to do something that is good for them?

    They go out and do the opposite thing.

    If you want to get them to do something, you need to compel them.

    That’s where the 3B strategy comes into play.

    Mastering the 3B strategy literally will compel the prospect to buy without having all the weird sales pressure.

  1. Law of Consistency –

    The law of contribution states that anything you give to others, more will be given to you.This is a powerful law based of reciprocity and a well-known agent of influence and persuasion.

    The problem is, so few people use this in their sales and marketing.

    You can trace the law of contribution back to biblical times. It’s hard to state how powerful this is.

The problem most people run into when using the law of contribution is they miss the abundance side of the equation.

Contributing by definition means giving without wanting something in return.

Giving out of abundance instead of giving because you want or need something.

Great sales professionals have mastered this rule.

I’ve learned that the fastest way to turn a sales professional’s career around is to have them focus on giving.

Give, give, give and you end up creating an incredible future.

If you can master these 3 concepts, breaking $20,000 a month in your business will not be difficult.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use these 3 concepts, check out the 4-point sales freedom blueprint.


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